What To Gift Dad On His 50th Birthday

This is a huge milestone in people’s lives and it may be difficult to figure out what to gift dad on his 50th birthday. Hopefully, I can help clear or help out with this.

The 50th birthday for your father might just be a number but there is something about it that gives a big impact. The best gift to give your dad on his 50th birthday really depends on what type of person your father is and how he lives. Is he funny? Get him a gag gift or funny cake. Does he have a health condition? Consider a gift that helps alleviate pain or helps with the condition. Has he always wanted to travel to Africa? Well, maybe you can help make that happen!

50th Birthday Cake for Dad

Let’s start with the birthday cake! 

Alright so your dad is coming up on the big 5-0 and you are in charge of the birthday cake. You have to give this a little bit of thought to make sure you hit it off properly.

There are a few things we need to consider when deciding what the cake should look like.

black and white 50th birthday cake
Classy black and white 50th birthday cake idea

First off, what kind of birthday party is this going to be? Is your dad a classy businessman? Will this be at a banquet hall? If that is the case then you should consider a simple but elegant cake. For me personally, I always stick with black/white colours.

The colours should match the party. For a father that has had a respectful professional career where his colleagues will be attending, a classy cake is the way to go. The black and white throughout the party decorations and cake will make him feel right full of confidence. A gag joke cake may make him embarrassed in front of other professionals he has worked with for many years. Or maybe it won’t? You know him best.

The second idea would be a heart melting affectionate birthday cake for dad. This is a great choice if you have a father that has always been there for you day in and day out. A man who never missed a soccer practice and helped you study every night for 15 years.

photo cake memory lane
A heart warming photo collage birthday cake idea for dad on his 50th year

This is a man who doesn’t expect anything back from you, he only wants the best for you. However, he would be pleasantly surprised to feel a huge amount of warmth coming from you on this special occasion.

One idea would be to create a cake that contains pictures throughout his life starting from childhood up to now.

The only example I could find says “60” on it, but you get the idea. This could be a very touching cake because he will probably be thinking a lot about his life on this day and his past.

The third idea would be a gag birthday cake. A funny 50th birthday cake that makes fun of his “old” age. If your father has a sense of humour and the birthday party will be in a comfortable setting, then you should consider this route.

Ok, so dad is a funny guy, but what kind of humour? This is another thing to consider. Does he like family jokes? Dirty jokes? Sarcastic jokes? You have to consider his personality and the right tone of joke to go with. If you scroll down a little bit, I have created a photo gallery containing birthday cake images to get ideas. The gallery contains some funny / gag cakes as well that may be helpful for you.

Need 50th birthday cake ideas? I compiled a collection of images to help give you ideas on the perfect cake to make yourself or buy from your local bakery.

50th Birthday Cake Images

It can be hard to find the perfect birthday cake for someone, especially if it’s milestone like this one. I compiled a small gallery of 13 birthday cake images that all relate to the 50th year to help gets the ideas flowing for you.

Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Make Life Easier for Dad

The thing, your dad isn’t 20 years old anymore. There is a good chance that he has some pain somewhere in his body (Hopefully not!). Men who have worked hard labour their whole lives are probably feeling it in their lower backs or knees.

I want to keep this post as positive as I can, however, it is worth mentioning that your father may be suffering from a chronic or serious condition.

There are plenty of clever gifts out there for situations as well. The website usnews.com has created an article you can look over called “The Ultimate Gift Guide for Someone With Chronic Illness“.

The article was written in 2014 so there are very well newer gift options than what is listed on that page. I found that the author Marisa did a good job at pointing you in the right direction!

If your father does suffer from back pain, you could consider various gift options. It is important for him to stay in shape and keep moving. The first option could be to pay for physiotherapy for a few sessions.

A certified physiotherapist can make a world of difference, even in a short amount of time by providing knowledge and a plan for your father to follow. He can then apply this at home to help ease his back pain.

Other related services may also be a good idea such as buying him a few massage sessions. A massage therapist is trained to go deep into those muscles and to help alleviate pain and break down any possible scar tissue.

My father had knee pain for years. He went and seen a massage therapist who over a period of months in a few sessions was able to really dig into the scar tissue to help remove his pain for good.

You could also consider a gym membership for your dad. Some older men just simply don’t make time for themselves or admittedly get lazy. Give him a friendly push in the right direction by covering the fee of a gym membership for a year.

If he enjoys it and sticks with it, you both will be surprised at how quickly he feels energized and young again!

Other quick and easy ideas might be bath salts to help with pain while soaking in water. Different types of supports such as a knee brace or back brace. Heated pads that may help relax his sore muscles. Compression socks to improve circulation in his legs may also b suitable at his age.

Funny 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

This is my personal favourite type of gift to give anyone. I like to joke around a lot and poke playful fun at people. If I was turning 50 years old, the way I deal with almost any occasion is by joking about it. I imagine turning this age will not be a very happy day for me lol

If you decide to go this route and you think your dad would get a kick out of this, then I would keep it simple.

getting old sucks candy bucket
Bucket of youthful candy!

Make a bucket of youthful candy! Go grab a nice bucket at a dollar store and fill it with candy along with a funny message on the side painted on like “Getting Old Sucks”.

Now every time he is feeling old, he can reach over for a piece of candy to feel young again.

You may be surprised at how fun this can be, you will all get a chuckle out of it.

The classic funny birthday t-shirt for dad. Of course, even though it’s the “go-to” gift and he will probably only ever wear this shirt once. It’s still a funny gift idea. I would combine it with a second, more meaningful present.

I would recommend just browsing Pinterest for funny 50th birthday shirts to see a wide variety of options. There are tons of different ones with various quotes such as “I’m Only 5  (decades old)” or “It Took 50 Years To Look This Good”. Or there is the one where it says “I am 49 + (middle finger)”. Where the middle finger looks like the number one.

Homemade 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

homemade 50th birthday gift
Homemade birthday gift for dads

The answer to this questions kind of depends on what skills you have. Can you paint? Draw pictures? Photography? Wood working?

Creating something from scratch is an awesome skill to have.

Deciding on what to create your dad for his homemade 50th birthday gift really depends on if you have a skill to do so, or at the very least be able to follow instructions for a DIY project.

One easy option are these funny signs that anyone could make with a little bit of wood and paint. Grab some letter stencils and put some funny road signs together pointing to this garage or favourite place to be in the house.

Give Your Dad His Dream Trip

Like everyone, your dad probably has a place on his bucket list that he wants to travel to before he doesn’t have the option to do so anymore.

If you have the money to do so, or maybe your family can come together. You should consider buying your dad that dream trip he has always wanted to go on. Visit Paris, go on a safari to Africa, see the pyramids.

Just randomly start talking about it one day, share with him your dream trip idea and see if he shares with you what his idea of the best place to travel to would be.

Make sure to look for good discounts or deals online before purchasing and make sure to use websites such as Trip Advisor to make sure you are sending him to a safe area!

Do Something With Your Dad – Gift Your Time!

Lastly and most importantly, your dad wants to spend time with you. A great option for any father at any time is to pay for or do something free on a regular basis with your father. Gift your time to him! He deserves it.

What is he interested in? Does he want to learn to go fly fishing? Well, pay for the gear, get a helpful book like “The Orvis Guide to Beginning Fly Fishing” and tell him that every Sunday, the two of you are going to learn how to do it!

Fly fishing was just an example, it could be hiking, or learning to fly a plane if you have the budget to do so. Maybe just take up a simple hobby he has always wanted to try like wood working or painting. 

Plant some questions randomly and see if you can figure out what he may be interested in.

I hope this article was helpful and that I provided some useful ideas for what to gift dad on his 50th birthday! Thanks for reading! I appreciate it.

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