Top 10 Best Books For Dads in 2019

This top 10 list of the best books for dads in 2018 has a little bit of everything. A book to read with your children if you travel a lot for work, some entertaining sci-fi books, travel, food, entrepreneur books and more. Finding the right book can be a little difficult but these have stood the test of time or have excellent reviews from other dads that loved them.

Are you looking for the perfect book to give your dad as a gift? Or perhaps you are a father and are looking for an ideal book to help kill the time or assist with your children. This post will summarize some of the top books for dads in various genres.

Travel Books For Dads

Title: When Daddy Travels

Author: Harriet Ziefert

Okay, so this book obviously isn’t for dad himself but a great book if he travels a lot and has small children to read this with. It is a perfect handbook for dads to help deal with their kids while being away often for work. This book is a bestseller which revolves around a short and simple story about a family where the dad travels often.

It beautifully discusses the situation about how kids feel sad in the absence of their dad. Also, it illustrates how it will be fine with your family if the father travels for work frequently, but it may not work for every family. A must-read for dads who often go and stay away from kids to help them cope with this common life issue. Find it on Amazon here.

worlds best travel experiences

Title: World’s Best Travel Experiences: 400 Extraordinary Places

Author: National Geography

This book is one of the best books for those dads who love to travel. An educational and informative book and offers a tremendous opportunity to explore new places around the world.

A perfect read for dads who travel a lot for work or that take their families on vacations often and can find some time out to discover new and exciting places to make their trip memorable.

This book will help you build a bucket list by showing you fantastic and exotic locations around the globe to find. With a collection of spectacular pictures and motivating stories of many amazing places, this book is an ideal read for a dad! Find it on Amazon Here.

Science Fiction Books For Dads

renegade the spiral wars

Title: Renegade: (The Spiral Wars) ( Volume 1)

Author: Joel Shepherd

This is a perfect science fiction book for your dad who loves to read and imagine science fiction. The book is predominately a military science fiction discussing fleet and marines.

A beautiful blend of fantastic writing style, detailed storytelling, and dense descriptive prose, the book keeps you engaged all the way through. With strong male and female leads, the book takes you on a journey to another world and makes you think eagerly about the times to come.

The unique part of this book is the foundation of history and cosmology to understand the infinite cycle and the nature of God. Find it on Amazon here.

the expanse origins

Title: The Expanse: Origins

Author: James S.A. Corey

This is the best science fiction book for those who want to read and experience a new world of imagination. If you loved the TV series, then you should really enjoy digging deep into this world in the book.

The book is a series of unexpected origin of stories that add value and depth to the main characters of the book. This Expanse series will reignite your love for science fiction and reading in general if you’ve been buying boring books lately like myself.

A combination of multifaceted stories, characters, and the world building is a new, unique and fantastic experience. The protagonists of the series are exceptionally wonderful, and “origins” is a great peek into the history of the protagonists. This book is indeed a fantastic addition to the expanse universe. Find it on Amazon here.

Biographies For Dads

through my fathers eyes

Title: Through My Father’s Eyes

Author: Franklin Graham

One of the best books for fathers who love to read acclaimed biographies of people who made a difference of many lives around them and around the world. The book revolves around Billy Graham’s personal life and gradually talks about how Billy became support for his kids and family.

Written by Franklin Graham (who is Billy’s son), it is a beautiful tribute and testimony of his father’s life and evangelistic organization. The book is very informative and throws light on the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan’s Purse.

It also has a combination of personal stories and gospel messages throughout the book. It is a perfect book for a dad from a son’s perspective! Find it on Amazon here.

a lucky life interrupted

Title: A Lucky Life Interrupted: A Memoir Of Hope

Author: Tom Brokaw

In this biography, the author (Mr Tom Brokaw) narrates his experience after diagnosed with multiple myeloma. It is an excellent read which makes you emotional and inspires you to go forward in life no matter how tough the time is.

The book revolves around his first year of disease and covers the period of his career. This book offers wisdom and insight to many people who are suffering from similar conditions and get heartbroken easily. A nice book for a father that is reaching older age, it could make a great 50th birthday gift.

Mr Brokaw talks about many captivating and inspiring facets of his life like his treatment, setbacks, and successes which gave him the strength to face the challenges. Find it on Amazon here.

Food Books For Dads

my family table

Title: My Family Table: A Passionate Plea for Home Cooking

Author: John Besh

This book is a perfect book for dads who do not know much cooking but can-do wonders with these recipes. The author and chef share his family recipes along with personal stories. All the recipes in the book use easy-to-find ingredients which are available in your pantry and nearby grocery store. A collection of baking, cooking, and grilling, the book brings a happy and refreshing spirit for those who want to try their hands at cooking. It can be a fun book for dads to cook good food for their kids on the weekends. Find it on Amazon here.

a man a pan a plan

Title: A Man, A Pan, A Plan: 100 Delicious & Nutritious One-Pan Recipes You Can Make Right Now!

Author: Paul Kita

One of the best cooking books for the dads, this book does an excellent job providing delicious information for anyone who wants to cook, especially dad! The title rightly suggests that a man with a pan and plan can do miracles in the kitchen.

A perfect combination of simple cooking, delicious and enticing recipes, this book indeed does entertain and make things simple for dads to follow. Healthy and nutritious recipes are the principal focus of this book.

The writer shares exciting ideas and experiences to make your meal healthy and your overall quality of life improve. The book is reader-friendly, a perfect cooking tutorial for dads. Find it on Amazon here.

Business / Entrepreneur Books For Dads

think and grow rich

Title: Think and Grow Rich: The Original, an Official Publication of The Napoleon Hill Foundation

Author: Napoleon Hill

One of the best business books for dads, Think & Grow Rich is an extraordinary book which offers guidance to lead to the right path when it comes to your finances. A combination of fantastic content and “believe-plan-achieve” philosophy, this book fills your mind with positive thought and offers you a wide range of ideas to be a successful entrepreneur.

Napoleon Hill provides a great insight to look within and accept your reality bravely. Not only this, the book offers a step by step process of how one can transform his life with a positive outlook and dedication. A must-read for dads which will also help set examples for future generations. Find it on Amazon here.

Rich Dad Poor Dad

rich dad poor dad

Author: Robert t. Kiyosaki

This is a motivating and inspiring piece of work, this book is one of the best books for dads as well as one of the best selling finance books of all time. A guide to wisely plan your finances for a better life, it gives a new outlook to handle your money. This may help dads reach retirement and to enjoy those great gifts sooner!

The author Robert T. Kiyosaki shares his experiences and ideas about debt, liabilities, asset allocation, and offers a comprehensive comparison of two conflicting philosophies on wealth and finances.

A well-written book, it can be beneficial to many people who want to change their lives and gather knowledge about financial planning and financial freedom. A perfect book for a dad who wants to teach his kids the value of money or to save for retirement. Find it on Amazon here.

In conclusion, there are literally thousands of great books out there that dad would love to read in 2019. This is just a short list and I am sure I will make a new more extensive one in the near future. For now, these are all great chances depending on what kind of person you or your dad is.

Thanks for reading and please share with anyone that may find this helpful.

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