How To Make Your Dad Say Yes

Saying yes is simple, but getting your dad to say it is very difficult. Especially if what you want is contrary to his beliefs. Your dad contradicts with you because he does not know that times change. Your father denies you a favor because he still thinks you are a child.

Worst of all, your dad disagrees with you because he wants you to be like him. Live like him, study like him, work like him, and have a relationship like his.

Honestly, people are different even though they are of the same blood. You have different passions, views, and desires.

Here are tips to make your dad say yes to any ideas you have!

Be Blameless…

When you suggest anything that your dad disagrees with, he will point out your flaws. When you ask him for money and he does not want to give you some, he will remind you of how you once wasted money.

The first thing to do is to clean your reputation. Make sure you apologize for every wrong you ever did. Be sincere about it and you will come off as more trustworthy and responsible person.

Let your dad have no reason to point a finger at you. Do all the chores he assigned to you. Wash the car. Walk the dog. Do the dishes. Clean the house. Etc…

Build a reputation over time. If you rarely speak to him, make sure you wish him a good night. After some time, he will forget all the wrong you did and focus on your progress, and that is what you need.

Be Bold…

Your voice is your hope. Suggesting anything with a shaky voice is your biggest enemy. You want dad to say yes. Not only say yes but also say it with confidence. You also have to ask for it with confidence.

Rehearse how you will make a request to your dad when you are alone in your room. Build up your confidence. Avoid shouting and sounding fake. If he detects it, you will fail. Keep saying in your heart “this is what I want anyway”.

Tell Your Dad How He Benefits…

When you make a request to your dad, he will think of how he will benefit from your request. If he fails to find a benefit, he will object. To be sure, begin with mentioning how he will benefit before you make your request.

For example, tell him that you have an investment that you want to earn money from so that you will not ask him for money again. He will be interested in your investment and that is when you request him to give you money (or whatever you are asking for).

Asking for a favor first will turn him off. His mind will find all possible means to say no.

When mentioning how he will benefit, make sure you use credible information. If you have earned money from your investment, buy dad a professional notebook or a pair of socks. Such gifts will make your claims solid. Give him that professional notebook right there when you are speaking to him. Give him no reasons to say no.

He will surrender to you. He will only ask how you invested. Do not explain too much for he will find a flaw in your explanation. Let your words be few. Go back to your request, and promise more benefits if he gives you money. This is purely an example which you can apply to all kinds of situations.

Ask Someone to Back You Up…

Convince your sibling whom dad loves a lot to support you. Buy him/her a gift to butter them up first. You want to have numbers on your side. Dad will find it hard to reject a request from two people, both of whom he loves.

If your mom is easier to go with, convince her to support you. Do not allow your supporters to say much. Their work is to say you are right in what you are asking. Let them be agreeable to what you are claiming. No matter how hard your dad is, he will give in. Small kids are the best to use. Dad cannot argue with them. He will act with intentions of pleasing them and not hurting their feelings, and that is how you will win him.

Give Dad a Surprise Gift…

Ask dad’s friends to tell you what your dad is planning to buy. For example, dad’s friends will tell you he wants to buy new work boots. This works great especially if it is around Christmas time. Without letting your dad know, go ahead and buy these boots in his size (Compare with his old boots if possibly, again, this is just an example).

Surprise him during dinner when everyone is watching. Your family members will support you in your request. Dad will be in shock. He will try to figure out how you knew what he wanted to buy. At that moment when everyone has excitement, go ahead and help dad to put on the boots.

Talk about why you chose to buy these work boots for him. Say how long you think those boots will last. Ask him to tell everyone how the shoes feel. By then, he will be quite impressed with you. Keep asking him questions.

Let him tell you what he loves the most about those boots. Asking him questions will put you in control. Control is all you want. Let dad feel he ought to reciprocate to your good gesture. Allow a short break and then ask for your favor.

Even if dad wants to deny you that favor, he will not want to spoil the happy atmosphere within the house. He will also feel bad to deny you a favor when you have bought him these new boots that he wanted. He will have no choice but to say yes to you. Everyone will expect him to say yes. Buying a gift to get your dad to say yes is a bit challenging but it is a sure way to win him.

Is your dad retired? There are quite a few good options of gifts to buy retired dads to make this work as well.


Make every step seem natural. Do not force situations to go according to what you expect. Let them flow. Dads are different. Some will easily give in with mere words while others will need credible information before granting you a favor. Buying a gift stands out as the best approach.

Psychologically, people get the urge to repay for every favor they receive. Even the hardest people will have a hard time denying someone a request if that person gave them a gift.

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