Gifts for Dad at Canadian Tire

In this article I will discuss as much as I can about Canadian Tire and which gifts would be best to buy for dads. I have found numerous questions that people are asking online and will attempt to answer them as best as possible. If you are not from Canada and you are unfamiliar with Canadian Tire, let’s start with explaining what Canadian Tire is. If you already know this store, then please scroll to the next section. Please share this page with anyone that you think might find this information helpful. It means a lot.

What is Canadian Tire?

Canadian Tire is a retail store company based in Canada. Their headquarters is based out of Toronto, Ontario. The store was founded way back in 1922 by Alfred & J. William Billes. There are currently 500 Canadian Tire stores located across Canada. The corporation itself owns other large businesses such as Sport Chek, Mark’s, Part Source, and gas stations. All included together, they have 1702 locations!

The Canadian Tire retail locations sell a variety of items. As the name suggests, they do sell tires and have automobile garages for repairs. However, the stores also sell everything from camping gear, sports equipment, hunting items, clothing, tools, toys, food, holidays products and much more.

As a dad myself, this is one of my favourite places to get an oil change and then go walk around and look at all the expensive high-end tools I can’t afford!

They have attempted to expand into the United States twice, both failing unfortunately.

What are the best Canadian Tire gifts for dad?

This is probably why you are reading this post, you want to know about the best Canadian Tire gifts for your dad. Here are some great suggestions you should consider.

My list of the best Canadian Tire gifts for dads:

#1 – Canadian Tire Gift Cards

I know, I know. Gift cards aren’t exactly that personable and don’t usually come from the heart. However, in this case, your dad probably has a specific hobby or wants to buy some odd item that you don’t know anything about. Maybe a car part or some fishing lure, who knows! A gift card gives him the flexibility to buy whatever he wants. You can buy these in store obviously or buy gift cards online on the Canadian Tire website here.

#2 – Smokers for Smoked Meat

There are few things better tasting than delicious pieces of smoked meat, especially if you made them yourself. If your dad is a typical outdoor BBQ self-described BBQ master, allow him to level up his skills by buying him a new smoker. Canadian Tire carries brands such as Bradley, Napoleon, Master Chef, and more. Check out all the Canadian Tire Smokers here.

#3 – Hunting & Hunting Related Dad Gifts

Does your dad hunt? A great gift idea if he does! There are plenty of things to choose from. You could buy him his favourite ammunition or outdoor equipment like a new hunting pack. Has he ever tried archery? Maybe it will become his new favourite way to hunt game. There are so many things to pick from. A new knife is always fantastic to receive, you could even engrave a special message on it. Interested in buying dad a hunting gift? Check them out here!

#4 – Fishing & Ice Fishing Dad Gifts

Similar to hunting above, your dad may be an avid fisherman in his spare time. Or perhaps he has grandchildren that he would love to fish with? A new rod for the kids and him would be a great idea. Again, you have a lot of options her from the Canadian Tire website, which you can find all in-store as well. Everything from ice fishing, lures & bait, fishing tools, tackle boxes, fly fishing, kid fishing and much more. If your dad would love a fishing gift, you can take a look at their selection here!

#5 – Outdoor Power Equipment Dad Gifts

Does your dad live in an apartment building? Then this section is probably a bad idea. However, if you grew up in the country or your dad has his own home. He probably needs to do some yard work or improve things around the house. There are helpful tools you could get him such as snowblowers, generators, chainsaws, log splitters, leaf blowers and much more. It seems silly but I could always use more high quality outdoor extension cords! You can check out all the outdoor power equipment on this page.

#6 – Patio Furniture Dad Gifts

Maybe your dad (or parents) like to host friends over at their home often and could use some upgraded patio furniture to help make guests feel more comfortable. Canadian Tire offers a large selection of great outdoor dad gifts for dining, lounging, heating, entertaining, and much more. Keeping the outdoor area looking fresh and comfortable is important and will make your dad feel more relaxed. Check out the patio furniture on the CT website here.

#7 – Hot Deals for Dad at Canadian Tire

Lastly, I thought I would mention that Canadian Tire has hot deals all listed on a page where you can browse their online deals. They don’t last long, as they state, but there is always something to find here. If you are looking to get your dad gifts at a great price, this is the section to check out for hot deals.

Where is the new Canadian Tire flyer?

Every single week Canadian Tire will release a new flyer that you will probably receive in the mail if you live anywhere near one of their stores. However, if you don’t get the Canadian Tire flyer, you can always find it online on their website. When you load the flyer the sections or products are clickable. When you click on one, a menu pops out with more information about that product. I really like it. You can find the Canadian Tire Flyer right here!

Does Canadian Tire have online shopping?

The short answer is yes. They do offer online shopping. They originally offered this ahead of most retail chains back in the year 2000. There was a lot of disinterest from their customers who preferred to visit their stores in person and they closed this feature of online shopping in 2009.

On November 1st, 2013, they decided that it was in their best interest to begin online sales again and offer delivery to the stores for people to pick up. They now offer home delivery on most products. You can simply visit their website to start browsing for online shopping deals.

Does Canadian Tire deliver?

Yes, Canadian Tire will deliver to your home. They used to only ship to their stores for you to pick-up, however, they are now offering home delivery. They have a simple process like most online stores:

  1. Shop for products on the website.
  2. Select the “Ship to Home” option on the checkout page.
  3. Parcels are shipped within 1-2 business days.

The shipping prices start $4.99. Hopefully some day they will offer free shipping to compete with companies such as Walmart or Amazon, however, if they are using Canada Post, I know they like to hit their clients with high prices so I don’t fully blame Canadian Tire.

Does Canadian Tire price match?

You can find Canadian Tire’s “Price Match Guarantee” on this page on their website. It’s not exactly clear if they will actually honour a price match. This is what they have listed on their website:

Subject to store participation. We’ll match any local competitor’s regular or advertised in-store retail price on an identical in-stock item.

That’s very tricky wording. They call it a “guarantee” but then tell you it’s basically up to each individual store if they want to participate or honour the price match, so it’s not a guarantee of anything at all. That’s a strange word to use. I would simply call ahead and see if they will price match an item you found elsewhere for a lower price. If they won’t, then go buy it at the cheaper place, they would deserve your business anyway.

Does Canadian Tire price match Amazon?

No and I doubt they ever will. Amazon is a fulfillment centre owned by a U.S. Corporation. As mentioned in the Canadian Tire price match policy “We’ll match any local competitor”. Well, Amazon isn’t exactly a local competitor. I can’t really think of any local competitor to Canadian Tire that isn’t a mom and pop shop. Maybe Home Hardware I suppose.

Anyway, no, Canadian Tire will never match Amazon, it just doesn’t make sense for them to as they are two different types of businesses. Canadian Tire has retail stores that come with extra expenses, whereas Amazon can operate without the brick and mortar store front.

Does Canadian Tire take American Express (Amex)?

Yes, Canadian Tire accepts American Express. You can purchase products on the Canadian Tire website using your Amex as well.

Does Canadian Tire take Visa?

Yes, Canadian Tire accepts Visa in-store and for online shopping.

Does Canadian Tires take Mastercard?

Yes, Mastercard is accepted at Canadian Tire stores and online.

Do Canadian Tire employees get a discount?

Based on the information that I could find, it looks as if employees get a 17.5% discount for being employed at Canadian Tire. This discount is applied across all their stores such as Mark’s, Sportchek, Partsource, and more. It does not apply to their gas at Canadian Tire gas stations.

Does Canadian Tire do emission test?

Yes, Canadian Tire does emission tests. This is actually where I take my cars to get the emissions test completed. Where I live, the first test is free if you pass. Second test if you fail will cost a fee. I live in Ontario, there is more information about the “Drive Clean Test” here.

On the Canadian Tire website, they offer a bit of information about diagnostics and a garage locator to find a place to take your car for the test near you.

Does Canadian Tire rent tools?

Yes, Canadian Tire will rent tools to you under their “Loan-A-Tool” service. You will put down a deposit which is equal to the cost of the tool. Return the item in the original condition and you will get a full refund. If you need to keep the tool for future jobs, simply keep the tool and it’s yours. Canadian Tire will then keep the deposit to cover the cost of the item.

They offer over 60+ specialized tools to get any job completed. This service is available at only participating stores. Find out more about the Canadian Tire Loan-A-Tool service here.

What are Canadian Tire’s hours?

My local store is generally open from 8am to 8pm most days. However, each store may vary and I recommend you use the Canadian Tire store locator to find the specific hours to the store near you.

Canadian Tire customer service

Are you looking to contact the Canadian Tire customer service? Here is all the information I could find! To contact Canadian Tire by email, use their online form.

Online Customer Support
1-866-SHOP-CTR (1-866-746-7287)

Corporate Customer Relations
English: 1-800-387-8803French: 1-800-565-3356

Canadian Tire Roadside Assistance

Options MasterCard

Triangle Rewards / My Canadian Tire ‘Money’ Program

Do you want to contact Canadian Tire by mail? You can send it to this address:

PO Box 2000, Station MainWelland, ONL3B 5S3

What is Canadian Tire’s return policy?

You have 90 days to return items purchased at Canadian Tire. They must be in their original packaging and original condition. I have returned items that were opened or slightly used and they did not seem to mind, but take that with a gain of salt. Make sure to bring your receipt and the Canadian Tire “Money” if they gave you any, as that has to be returned as well.


I hope this page was helpful for you in deciding about gifts for dad at Canadian Tire. I wanted to provide as much helpful information and ideas on what types of gifts he may enjoy. As you can see, Canadian Tire is a great store with a wide selection to choose from.

I hope you found this page useful. If you know someone that might find this information handy, I would appreciate it if you shared it.

Thanks for reading and happy shopping!

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