Best Christmas Gifts For Dad In 2019

This blog post is my attempt at making the ultimate guide for the best Christmas gifts for dad.

The best Christmas gifts for your dad can be the present that connects with them the most. I did some research and almost all dads agree that the gifts that were thoughtful and had some kind of meaning behind them meant the most. However, there is no easy answer to this question because all fathers are different people with different likes and dislikes. Remember, you are their child and they will probably love just about anything you get for them.

Dads can be the worst person to shop for at times. It can be difficult to find out exactly what interests they are into currently. A lot of fathers are reserved and focused on their jobs, making it difficult to know what they might enjoy.

They aren’t very vocal about what they want for gifts, for birthdays or holidays. When you ask them what they want they reply saying things like “I don’t want anything” or “I have everything I need”.

Deep down, you know he still loves getting a present under the tree from Santa come Christmas morning.

How exactly do we find the best Christmas gifts for dad?

Well, I spent a TON of time putting together this blog post, I will continue to work on it to make it better. My goal is to make this page the ultimate Christmas gift guide for dads! I hope you find it useful, please continue reading below.

I covered a ton of topics related to gift ideas for dads at Christmas.

Here is a break down of what you will find:

  1. When should you buy gifts for Dad?
  2. What is a good gift for your dad on Christmas?
  3. How to brainstorm dad Christmas gift ideas
  4. Christmas presents for dad from daughter
  5. Christmas presents for dad from son
  6. Christmas gifts for new dad
  7. Christmas gift from baby to dad
  8. Christmas gifts for dad who wants nothing
  9. Christmas gifts for dad who has everything
  10. Christmas gift for golfer dad
  11. Tech Christmas gifts for dad
  12. Woodworking Christmas gifts
  13. Christmas gifts for dad who loves cars
  14. Christmas gifts for outdoorsy dad
  15. Christmas gifts for retired dad
  16. Christmas gifts for elderly dad
  17. Personalized Christmas gift for dad
  18. Christmas gift basket for dad
  19. Unique Christmas gift for dad
  20. DIY Christmas gifts for dad
  21. Last minute Christmas gift ideas for dad
  22. Cheap Christmas gifts for dad
  23. Homemade Christmas gifts for dad
  24. Ugly Christmas sweater for dad
  25. Ultimate dad Christmas gift

1. When should you buy gifts for Dad?

This may seem like a silly question, but some people, especially from other cultures are asking themselves when should they buy gifts for their dad?

Well, one simple trick that we can use is the Google Trends tool. In the search term box, you can type in “gifts for dad”. This will return the results, usually targeted by default for United States users over the last 12 months.

Google Trends data for “Gifts For Dad”

As you can see, there are two major spikes during a 12 month time period. The first one is Christmas time and the second spike is Father’s Day. 

Father’s Day is a celebration that is not celebrated everywhere, but it is very popular. Especially in the United States.

It originates from the Middle Ages as a Catholic European tradition to celebrate fatherhood.

The date which this special occasion is celebrated varies on the country.  Popular times are March, April, and June. The United States, as you can tell from the Google Trends graph above, celebrates their Father’s Day the third Sunday of June.

As fun as Father’s Day can be, the real winner for dads around the world is Christmas time on December 25th of every year. 

Photo by Jakob Owens

You are never too old to enjoy the spirit of Christmas. It doesn’t matter if your father is 35, 55, or 75. He will always be a child at heart and Santa will always put a smile on his face.

Lastly, another great time to give gifts to your dad is whenever you feel like it! If you feel like bringing joy and a smile to your father’s face, then go ahead and do it. Everyone loves gifts, even if they are strong quiet men.

2. What is a good gift for your dad on Christmas?

I wrote this article specifically to help you answer this question. In all honesty, this is a very specific question that should be targeted to your own dad’s personal tastes and needs.

It is difficult to tell you what a good gift might be for your dad on Christmas without knowing anything about him. However, we can discuss some ways to brainstorm ideas and how about doing that in the next section.

When it comes to choosing the right gift, it’s all about his personality. What type is your dad? Is he outdoorsy? Does he love flying drones? Perhaps he likes to go camping every now and then. Think what he loves the most and pick out thoughtful gifts that he’d be totally excited about. 

Anonymous User on Quora

It’s true, all fathers would love a huge new TV or an expensive gift. However, I promise that what they really want is a gift that really feels like you put some thought behind. Buying him another “World’s Best Dad” mug is fine, but I hope there is a joke behind it or another gift along with it that has more meaning.

World's Best Dad Mug
World’s Best Dad mugs found on Amazon

Your dad wants to feel like you still care about him. He has been there since the beginning and has seen you grow through all these stages in your life. It can be easy to feel forgotten. Above all else, he just wants to know that you still see him and care about him.

3. How to brainstorm dad Christmas gift ideas

Okay, so you are determined to get the perfect gift for dad. How do you go about finding this out? Well, let’s get organized and serious about this!

The first thing to do is to grab a pen and paper. We need to create a simple mind map. If you are not familiar with mind maps, they are a simple visual way to organize your ideas quickly.

In the middle of a page you draw your main topic. In our case that would be “Dad”. Next, we draw arrows and connect all the things that dad is interested in, all his hobbies, anything he cares about. Don’t over think this, just start writing these connections.

Here is a basic example I created about my own father’s interests in a mind map which helps us brainstorm Christmas ideas for dad.

dad mind map christmas gift brainstorming
Simple mind map for my dad’s favourite things.

As you can see in the image above. My main topic is “dad”, his main interests include “Harley Davidson”, “Dominican Republic”, and “Beer”. I only did three main branches for this example, but feel free to go crazy and write as many as you want.

For each main interests, we can write out sub-topics that he enjoys from those.In my example, I wrote three sub-topic branches for each main topic. This gets us a little bit closer to Christmas gift ideas for dad.

My dad absolutely loves visiting Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic and doing excursions with his girlfriend. He also loves riding his Harley Davidson during the warmer months in Canada. A good gift idea might be a personalized Harley Davidson Watch.

This is where knowing his interests is really important, because I know he doesn’t like wearing watches so that idea is not a good one. Luckily, we wrote out more choices.

When creating my mind map, I love using a simple pen and paper. Brainstorming and doing it physically feels more natural to me.

If you prefer, there are some tools online that you can use to mind map your own dad’s Christmas gift ideas.Please note that I have not personally used these tools. Here are a few of those:

Please note that I have not personally used these tools. Some are free, some are not. Here is a list of mind map tools to choose from:

  • MindMup – free online mind mapping
  • Mindomo – mind mapping, concept mapping, outlining
  • Mindmeister – visualize your thoughts
  • MindManager – #1 mind mapping software for business

Another option for you might be to use, they have a short guide to create a mind map and bring your thoughts to life here. This is a very easy to use tool and extremely popular for making beautiful media pieces. I have used them for various social media projects and enjoyed it.

If you want to take your mind mapping skills to the next level, or if you want to see a visual example. check out this YouTube video by Eve Bennet on “How to Make The PERFECT Mind Map“.

Once you have your tools of choice, go ahead and start brainstorming the perfect Christmas gift for your dad. Get really in-depth, create branches off of branches. Maybe you can even combine certain interests with each other.

This mind mapping strategy allows you to really narrow in on something he cares about, which will hopefully put a smile on his face on Christmas morning!

Next you can decide if you want to buy the item or if this is something you can make. If money is an issue, get creative and try and go the homemade route. As an example for my own father, he loves beeches and Punta Cana. We live in Canada so I thought it would be nice to remind him of the warmer memories with a homemade painting that I created.

punta cana homemade christmas gift painting for dad
Homemade painting of Punta Cana for Dad’s Christmas gift.

The painting above costs less than a few dollars with some acrylic paint, painting brushes, and a canvas. By no means am I the next Bob Ross, but thats exactly why this meant something to him. I showed effort and created something he cares about deeply.

Pair this homemade painting with a “World’s Best Farter” mug (Yes, that says farter, that is not a spelling mistake!) and we have a winner!Christmas presents for dad from daughter

4. Christmas presents for dad from daughter

There is a good chance that if you have a good father, than you are probably a “daddy’s girl”. I have a daughter as well and there is something special about that bond.

This section of the article is meant for daughters looking to get their dad the perfect gift this Christmas.

dad with daughter
Photo by Caleb Jones – Dad and daughter playing

If you haven’t done so yet, check out the section on Mind Mapping above.

Your dad cares about you more than you will ever know. He has protected you and worried about you and cared for you every second you have been alive.

A special gift from you would mean the world to him. I just want to be very clear though that he doesn’t care about expensive gifts (I am sure he wouldn’t be upset either).

What he really wants is to know that you feel the same way about him as he does about you.

Something that you may not have considered as a gift is sharing an accomplishment with him. For example, maybe you worked extra hard to pay off your school debt. Or maybe you got that dream job he helped guide you towards all those years. Brainstorm a way to present this to him, be creative.

The greatest gift a father can get is to see his children thrive and succeed. Share this with him. Let him cut up your last student debt bill or whatever is relevant to you. He wants to be involve!

Does your dad have a cool job or had one? Maybe he was a firefighter? A paramedic? Police offer? In the army? Could be anything. I came across these neat prints on Etsy.

They are these Burlap prints that say “To the world you’re a Fire Fighter but to us you are the world”.  They also have one for paramedics and a generic personalized print where you can add the names of your family members.

Sometimes if your dad’s job was a huge part of his life, it can be a great idea to include that somehow into the present.

You could always make him something homemade, here is an idea for you to check out or maybe get the ideas flowing for you.

sign for dad from daughter
Special sign for dad from daughter

A handmade sign made from paint and stencils.

This is really a very easy gift to make and the wording on it is emotional and would mean a lot to him.

“I’ll always be your little girl. You’ll aways be my hero.”

Even if your dad isn’t an emotional guy, I bet there is still a good chance you would see this beside his bed at night or in his office or near his work bench in the garage. I hope this gift idea helps you on your search for a great gift to dad from daughter.

There are plenty of other options on this page to help guide and I hope you so please check them out!

5. Christmas presents for dad from son

My son looks exactly like me. He is a little version of me and he means everything to me. A gift from him, no matter what it is, I find special on a different level than anyone else.

This section of the article is meant for sons looking to get their dad the perfect gift this Christmas.

dad son surfing together
Photo by Filios Sazeides – Dad surfing with son

Just like my daughter, my son is a unique bond and I am lucky to be able to experience both. This doesn’t apply to all men but I do feel like women will generally spend more time on thoughtful gifts for others. Especially if it’s a homemade gift. Again, this doesn’t apply to everyone.

If however, you are one of these sons that doesn’t usually go all out for their parents, maybe that it something to consider this year. Take your dad by surprise and think of and create a great present for him this Christmas.

So what are a couple ideas of gifts you could make for him? Well, for this I took a look on Pinterest. Here are a few ideas.

homemade shave butter for dad
Homemade shave butter for dad

Homemade Shave Butter! I found this recipe to make your own shaving “butter” for dad on a website called Teach Beside Me.

After trying this, many people have stated that they could never go back to regular old shaving cream, especially since it’s quite overpriced these days.

So what kind of ingredients will you need for this potential Christmas gift for dad?

  • Shea Butter
  • Coconut Oil
  • Almond Oil
  • Essential Pils

If you are interested in creating this gift, make sure your loving father isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients first! You can get the full ingredient amounts and instructions on how to make it here: Easy Homemade Shave Butter

I feel like this is a good gift from a son. It may sound silly, but you are someone who can relate to shaving (If old enough to grow a beard).

slippers gift for dad
Stuffed slipper gift idea

Slippers stuffed with goodies! This is such an easy gift to put together, but if you get the right small things to stuff into the slippers it will come off as thoughtful. Get his favourite candy or treat.

Likes to gold? Get some new golf balls. Likes to fish? Get some new hooks. You get the idea.

Personally, I don’t know why but I love new slippers during the holidays. You can smell the Christmas tree. The house is warm. You smell delicious food. Your uncle is drunk and hitting on your guests. It’s the perfect time for some warm and cozy slippers!

If you like this idea, you can read more about it from Pretty Providence who I came across on Pinterest.

jar of nothing
Jar of nothing gag gift!

A big jar of nothing! So obviously this is a gag gift, but there are so many fathers out there who when asked what they want will respond with “Nothing”. Well, give him what he wants!

The Jar Of Nothing says:

“Did you say something? When you were asked what you wanted for your Birthday, Anniversary, Graduation or Christmas, don’t you remember saying ‘NOTHING’. Well, this time someone heard you, searched high & low, and found this perfect gift”

If your dad has a good sense of humour this might be the perfect gift for him! I find it it quite funny but would definitely par it up with something else. For this gift all you need is a label you can get cheap at any print store and an empty jug that you could get at any dollar store.

So when it comes to getting Christmas gifts for dad from son, these are just a few ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. If you wanted to buy him a gift, there are plenty on this page to help with that as well!

6. Christmas gifts for new dad

Know someone who is going to be a new dad? This is a very exciting time for everyone around! A new baby that gets to experience all those dazzling Christmas lights for the first time is fun to watch

If you are looking to get gifts for a new dad, then pick a fun or thoughtful gift. Please don’t buy him advice books or tips on how to be a new dad, he doesn’t want it and won’t read it.

A safe bet when searching for a gift for new fathers is to go with something comical and cute. The most obvious choices are funny baby shirts or matching shirts.

dad you got this shirt
Directions for dad!

One example of a funny piece of clothing is this baby outfit onesie that implies dad is basically a moron lol.

There are directions to show him where each leg, arm, and the baby’s head goes.

It also shows a message saying “Dad you got this!”. It’s cute, funny, and picks on dad a little bit, but I think it might come off a bit sarcastic or slightly offensive to a prude new dad.

There are actually a ton of different shirts like this that you can find on most large online shops.

On Pinterest I came across a nice collection of baby onesies with tons of funny messages on them, you can see those right here: Funny baby bodysuits

keychain for new daddy
Keychain for new dad showing baby’s birthdate

Something that I would probably personally like is an engraved keychain. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but many of us are away from our kids working and this little reminder during the long days can help push us and keep us going.

Here is a nice keychain for new dads that would make a great gift idea. It shows the EST. date on it to match the new baby’s birthday. 

Lastly, one nice idea if you are close to the new daddy is to pay for a tattoo for him. Get a copy of the baby’s hand or foot print and offer to cover the cost of having a tattoo of this placed on his body somewhere.

Even if you aren’t a big fan of tattoos this is still done in a very nice and classy way that represents the new dad and new baby in a beautiful way.

7. Christmas gift from baby to dad

8. Christmas gifts for dad who wants nothing

9. Christmas gifts for dad who has everything

10. Christmas gift for golfer dad

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12. Woodworking Christmas gifts

13. Christmas gifts for dad who loves cars

14. Christmas gifts for outdoorsy dad

15. Christmas gifts for retired dad

16. Christmas gifts for elderly dad

17. Personalized Christmas gift for dad

18. Christmas gift basket for dad

19. Unique Christmas gift for dad

20. DIY Christmas gifts for dad

21. Last minute Christmas gift ideas for dad

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23. Homemade Christmas gifts for dad

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25. Ultimate dad Christmas gift

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